Deposit & Withdraw


Since the FLB does not accept fiat currency for deposit, you must first convert funds from your national currency to .999 fine silver. Simply sign up for an account and we will provide access to instructions on how to fund your new account. Deposits will only be accepted in .999 fine silver (XAg) or .9999 fine gold (XAu). If you have some other currency and need to convert first to .999 fine silver, please contact any reputable bullion dealer for conversion services or you may convert and deposit directly through our preferred partner, the OpenCurrency Exchange.


Any and all withdrawals from the Free Lakota Bank will be issued in AOCS Approved Silver or Gold. The currency can be shipped direct from the bank or may be issued by an exchange partner or other AOCS Authorized Dealer.

All bank transactions are conducted and recorded in .999 fine Silver or .9999 fine Gold, rounded to the hundredth of an ounce. Please remember that the value of your deposits will remain constant, in terms of ounces of silver or gold. However, the value of your deposit when considered against other national paper currencies will fluctuate. It is your responsibility to manage converting to silver or gold before depositing and from silver or gold after withdrawing.

Withdraw to “Cash”

Withdraws can also be made to any VISA debit card. Please allow 2-3 days for a withdraw to VISA to appear in your account. We also work directly with a network of exchange partners to assist our customers in depositing and withdrawing from our storage services.

For immediate assistance with conversion into or out of Lakota currency, please contact us.