Loans & Investments

Our first priority with the Free Lakota Bank General Development Fund is to establish the framework for an honest physical and digital honest monetary system that will be the unit of account and medium of exchange for profitable exports from within the Lakota Nation. Proposals to establish free enterprise within our territory are considered above all other requests for investments or loans.

As a valuable commodity-based monetary system is the foundation of any free market, and fair exchanges can not take place without an equal exchange of value, the Free Lakota Bank invests heavily in current and emerging physical and digital monetary systems.

The Free Lakota Bank frequently holds an equity interest in most projects we fund. If you seek a capital investment from the Free Lakota Bank, please contact us today and a representative will contact you shortly.

General Development Fund:

All loans and investments are funded through the Free Lakota Bank General Development Fund (GDF). This fund is a combination of bank assets and depositor holdings. When you deposit with the Free Lakota Bank, you have the option to participate in the General Development Fund. You may initiate a contract with the GDF by contacting the bank directly. Simply indicate the number of ounces from available funds in an existing Demand Deposit account and a representative will establish your term agreement. The property you commit to the General Development Fund will not be accessible during the contract period, though we do permit trading of GDF contracts. Access to withdraw from the Fund before term completion is limited simply because we do not participate in fractional lending and must specifically allocate resources for each investment.

Please review the accounts page for additional details regarding the General Development Fund.