Security & Privacy

At the Free Lakota Bank, your financial privacy is of the highest importance to us.

As primarily a property storage service, we do not see it as our job to track the movement of our clients’ property. We believe Silver & Gold are property, and as such, are anonymous and not subject to tracking.

We do not allow our property storage services to be used for any unlawful activity, including money laundering, the financing of terror-related activities, or in any other manner that is against the laws or code of your country.

Since we do not store or trade any type of money or financial instrument, we do not collect your private identification details; however, we do routinely monitor accounts for suspicious activity and will suspend any account that we determine violates our basic ethical standards.

Account Security (OOB Feature Set Coming Soon!)

Account log-in is limited with an email address and password. Most transactions on your account will require Out-of-Band Authentication such as withdrawals, deposits and transfers to other internal and external account holders.

Out-of-Band Authentication requires the use of a second network, also known as the Publicly Switched Telecommunications Network (PSTN), to confirm that you are in fact the person conducting the transaction. You will setup your Out-of-Band Authentication during account setup. Thereafter when you conduct a transaction that requires Out-of-Band Authentication, our system will initiate a command to call your enrolled phone. You will be asked to enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) code using your phone’s keypad. You will NEVER be asked to enter your PIN code online. Therefore, your PIN code can never be stolen via your personal computer or other terminal.

During enrollment you will be asked to select and answer security questions, the answers to which only you should know.

Additionally, each account is issued a security key. It is recommended that you record this security key number in a safe location other than your personal computer as it will not be re-issued.

Other than basic web analytics, the FLB does not collect or store any private or information unless you specifically provide it to us during account setup or subscription to our newsletter. We will never sell, trade or gift your information.

Please protect your account information and transactions carefully. All transactions are final and irreversible.