Transaction Fees

At the Free Lakota Bank, we charge 1oz of Silver per month to secure and maintain accounting for your property. This fee includes unlimited online account access and unlimited transfers to other Lakota account holders, as well as unlimited transfers to accounts at other ICBA member banks. It also includes thirty (30) Out-of-Band Authentication requests per month. Each additional set of thirty (30) Out-of-Band Authentication requests costs 1 ounce of Silver, and OOB requests are added to your account in blocks of thirty (30) requests.

The Free Lakota Bank also charges for shipping when withdrawing property. If you choose to have the bank ship your property directly to you via insured carrier service, the bank will deduct .2oz of Silver from your withdraw for shipments to the USA and 1oz of Silver for international deliveries (additional charges may apply for remote international deliveries).

If you choose to engage in contract with our General Development Fund, the Free Lakota Bank will waive the monthly Demand Deposit account fee during the term of your contract.

Other fees may be incurred through the use of services provided by 3rd parties. Any fees will be disclosed and approved by you prior to deduction.